In a galaxy torn asunder by war and rebellion having a home is a luxury few beings in the Outer Rim can afford. For the bold explorers of the Justani Salvage Company it would seem that fate and destiny conspired to provide them with just such a place. A dilapidated Corellian freighter they have used to travel the space lanes in search of profitable salvage and adventure for nearly fifteen years.

Justani Salvage, named after the sector of space in which the company was formed, plied their trade on remote worlds, derelict starships, and long forgotten battlefields. Through their varied exploits and miss steps, the salvage team was only able to break even in their profits; barely maintaining the expensive debt they owed against their starship while struggling to pay for fuel, supplies, and docking costs.

After the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin and the beginning of a true open rebellion against the Empire, the Justani Salvage crew discovered their long standing debt was purchased by a private entity. A petty crime lord known as the Taavashi Prince called in Justani Salvage’s ship loan, marooning the team on the planet of Taavashi Prime and the dangerous Shadow Port known as 513.

Haggard, tired, and perhaps a little long in the tooth for adventuring through the lawless Outer Rim territories, the Justani Salvagers have not given up on re securing their future as independent entrepreneurs and operators.

The Jedi may have become extinct, but the power of the Force still lingers throughout the galaxy. With any luck, it will be with them. If not always, then at least long enough to get them out of trouble..Or a free drink.

Justani Salvage